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Does your Dog Have Arthritis? Stem Cell Therapy May be the Solution!

Posted in Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia on Jan 23, 2009


Does your Dog Have Arthritis? Stem Cell Therapy may be the Solution!

by Lorna Paxton

Although the new president is expected to lift federal restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research, it’s an option available today for the canine set.

The procedure, which uses an animal’s own fat to obtain adult stem cells, has been available for a few years. The stem cells are injected to damaged area to stimulate growth of healthy cells, encouraging regeneration.

Bob Harman, DVM and founder and CEO of Vet-Stem says while therapy for human use is still in early stages, thousand of horses and dogs have already been treated for tendon, ligament and joint injuries and diseases through Vet-Stem and so far the results have been amazing with many patients saying that the results were immediate.

During a 20 minute procedure about two tablespoons of fat, from the abdomen or should blade area are taken from a anesthetized dog and sent to Vet-Stem in San Diego.

Then, technicians use an enzyme to remove the connective tissue and free up the fat and stem cells. Within 48 hours the lab isolates stem and regenerative cells from the fat and sends them back to the local surgeons in syringes. In otherwords, the adult stem cells are taken from the animal to which they will be returned.

The downside? The $2500 price tag! But consider the negative impact that drugs, like Rimadyl have long term. If your dog has arthritis, hip dysplasia, a luxating patella or other form of joint pain, but you can’t afford the $2500 price tag, consider using an all-natural herbal remedy which can be very effective.

“We have a 4 year old English bulldog named Gus who loves to chase and tug and jump.” said Anna Buck of Houston, TX. “He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a year ago. At that time, he had started limping and really slowing down. Our vet had told us the best thing for Gus was to keep him active so his leg muscles would remain strong,” “We discovered Joint Resolution about 6 months ago and after only one month, we noticed that Gus completely stopped limping. He started playing more and jumping higher than he ever had. This product has been amazing! Even though it is not a cure for his condition, it has given us a way to manage his condition and give Gus a less painful, better quality of life.”

When looking for herbal remedies seek out products that have ingredients like collagen, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and herbs like devils claw root, licorice, dandelion and boswellia.

The good news for us bipeds is that hopefully, one day soon, we may be as pain free as our quadruped companions!

To locate a vet near you visit the Vet Stem company website www.vet-stem.com.

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2 Responses to “ Does your Dog Have Arthritis? Stem Cell Therapy May be the Solution! ”

  1. # 1 the three dog blogger (9 comments.) Says:

    That’s an expensive procedure. I guess those who love animals and have the funds are prepared to try many different options.

  2. # 2 Dog Hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patellas and Arthritis- Causes & Cures | Ruff Ideas by Happytails Says:

    […] stem cells in your dog, treating the arthritis. For more information about stem cell therapy, click here to learn more […]

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